Olive coated silver wood ring


Turkuaz taşlı gümüş ahşap yüzük

Turkuaz taşlı gümüş ahşap yüzük modelimiz maun ağacı kaplamalıdır. 925 ayar sterling gümüşten yapılmıştır. Alyansın iç kısmına turkuaz taşı işlenmiştir.

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Olive coated silver wood ring

Olive coated silver wood ring model is covered with olive wood. Made of 925 sterling silver. The price is valid for one ring. It is 100% handmade.

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About wooden jewelry


Here, wooden jewelery will bring you closer to nature. Every time you look at these jewelery, you will want to immerse yourself in nature. The wooden ring will always make you feel the warmth of nature on your finger.

A wooden necklace blended with gold will make those around you feel that you are a nature lover.

From making paper to making beautiful jewelery, wood is truly a versatile product of nature. It is found in abundance as a light, natural material. The heritage of woodworking in India and Anatolia is very rich. For example, wood inlay work is done.

Olive coated silver wood ring

There are boxes, table legs, instrument instruments, bowls and boxes and many more items made. Jewelery is an essential component of wardrobe and that we all love. In other words, jewelry plays an important role in the fashion world. Vivid reflection appeals to every eye.

Looking back in history, craftsmen around the world have worked with wood for thousands of years. But it has rarely been used in precious jewelery. Wooden jewelry has its own charm and value, as a result, it quickly stands out in the jewelry market. Olive coated silver wood ring

Now that the fashion for wood jewelery has been revived in the market, the inherited wood gives the impression that it is connecting to our culture.

Wooden jewelry, as the name suggests, is made of wood and is mainly used for rings, hair accessories, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, brooches, etc. for ornaments and other items is used. Olive coated silver wood ring

As the preferences vary from person to person, the prevalence of traditional or classic wooden jewelery in the market will also differ especially for the customers concerned. Moreover, customers can ensure the availability of personalized jewelery that best suits their personal preferences.

As a matter of fact, many materials are involved in making wooden jewelery. However, today designers are exploring many luxuries and very different designs, allowing us to appreciate natural beauty in these designs in a whole new light.

If you want to own one of these wooden jewelery, you can check our products on our website.)



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