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The world of Wooden Jewelry

Wooden jewelry brings you closer to the nature. When you look at these jewelry, you want to throw yourself into nature.
Wooden jewelry blended with silver will always make a Nature Lover like you feel the warmth of wood.

The world of Wooden Jewelry

From making paper to producing jewelry, wood is truly a versatile nature product.

Being plentiful, lightweight, easy to use, natural material, makes it one of the most sought-after jewelry.
The legacy of woodworking is quite rich in India and Anatolia.

There are a lot of products made of wood like teapots, boxes, trays, table legs, instrument instruments, bowls and boxes and many more.

Jewels are something that we all love and always decorate our wardrobe.
In other way, jewelry plays an important role in the fashion world, after all, its luminous, vibrant reflection appeals to the eye.
Looking at the history, artisans all over the world have worked with wood for years, but rarely precious jewelry was made.
Wooden jewelry has its own charm and value, that’s why it quickly stands out in the jewelry market.
Now, the fashion of wooden jewelry has been revived and stands out in the market and it gives us the impression that we are reconnecting to our inherited wood culture.

The wood is used for making a lot of jewelry like hair accessories, necklaces, anklets, earrings, bracelets, brooches etc.

Today, we discover luxurious and very different designs and in these designs we present you the natural beauty in a brand new light.

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